Five Favorite Pics of Grandkids

  • mark d. carlson, grandkids
  • Deer Creek State Park, summer 2015,2015, Mark D. Carlson
  • Christmas Party, 2015, family, Mark D. Carlson
  • Ileigh, ballet recital, summer, 2015, Mark D. Carlson
  • grandsons, summer, 2014, Mark D. Carlson

Welcome to my online journal which commenced on December 21, 2012. My resolution to begin and maintain an active journal is the result of my inability to remember innumerable and valuable “lessons” gleaned throughout my life. I now comprehend the importance these recollections can contribute to gain a clearer perspective of life’s present realities. I deeply regret not having recorded those experiences in some fashion for that purpose as well as many others. Oh, how I wish my ancestors had done the same for their posterity in one form or another. Accordingly, I initiate this undertaking with the following desire. I hope that by sharing my life’s journey, I may influence others in a way that may be positively beneficial in some small measure. This sentiment is especially applicable to my progeny which is also another primary purpose of this e-journal endeavor.