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Welcome to my family history and genealogy treasure trove.  This project is a labor of love which I dedicate to my parents and ancestors who sacrificed so much for their posterity. Let me quote Jordanes, who said,  “I have followed the writings of my ancestors, and have culled a few flowers from their broad meadows to weave a chaplet for him who cares to know these things.”

Sources and Assistance

I have tried to include sources wherever possible.  However, this is a work in progress, and any help is much appreciated.  If you see any information you question, examine the sources; not everything in genealogy is ever 100% accurate.  If you discover any errors, please inform me and kindly provide the source.  You can contact me by email at

Family Search

For individual and family information i.e. pedigree charts and family group sheets, I have moved everything to FamilySearch, which is owned and maintained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I had previously posted “Individual Stories and Biographies” of various individuals here on this website prior to 07/24/2017, but am in the process of moving them all to FamilySearch. Listed below, by latest date first, is a log of items I have uploaded to Family Search thus far with an accompanying link.

Items submitted to Family Search:

08/12/2017 – Certificate of Death for Guy “C” Palmer
08/12/2017 – Certificate of Baptism and Confirmation for Guy “C” Palmer
07/31/2017 – Image of Jill and Laverne
07/31/2017 – Image of Laverne
07/31/2017 – Image of Laverne and Her Siblings
07/30/2017 – Grand Marshall LaVerne Higginson
07/28/2017 – Certificate of Birth for Viola Wilson
07/28/2017 – Life History of Viola Wilson Peterson
07/28/2017 – Image of Dottie LaVerne Nelson Higginson
07/28/2017 – Jill’s Talk at LaVerne’s Funeral
07/27/2017 – Personal History of Theodore Davis Carlson
07/27/2017 – Image of Ted and Zola Carlson

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