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Keeping personal logs are important for many reasons:

  • They manage personal development
  • They provide feedback on goals and objectives
  • They identify evidence of behavior
  • They sustain motivation for achievement
  • They assist in increasing knowledge and skills
  • They afford interesting stories and narratives of various activities
  • They are great tools for reflection of real life accounts

Also, although I don’t necessarily fancy myself a writer–per se–I love this quote by William Zinsser. “Writers are the custodians of memory, and that’s what you must become if you want to leave some kind of record of your life…”

Again, my purpose for keeping these logs and an online journal with easy Internet access is for the benefit of my posterity. I hope that someday “they” may find something of value in my writings and records that may be of worth to them in some small measure.

Personal Logs

I began my reading log in November of 2013 to motivate me to read more “good” books consistently. In July of 2016, I started a climbing log because I had set a goal for myself to climb all of the highest peaks in each county of Utah. I may add other logs in the future, most assuredly, and will subsequently add them to the following list:

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Personal Logs
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Personal Logs
Logs - I believe that keeping personal logs of one's goals is an important feedback mechanism to motivate a person to achieve their objectives in life.
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