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Reading Goal

I have decided to log selected books I read, in part, to motivate me to read more “good” books consistently. I believe extensive reading is essential for a plenteous and edified life.  Therefore, my goal–in addition to my other readings–is to carefully choose and read an “intellectually salubrious” book each month.  I will begin this endeavor November 2013.


Even though I seldom find myself interested or impressed with snippets of quotations compiled by others… I too will succumb to this proclivity. Book titles marked with a (*) will link to a post which will include my ten favorite quotes from the book. I will also include a comment on each quote for educational purposes to comply with Section 107 of the Fair Use clause of the United States copyright code.

 Mo.  Book Title  Author  Study Guide
 Nov. The Alchemist  Paulo Coelho  SparkNotes
 Dec. * The Peacegiver  James L. Ferrell  n/a
 Mo.  Book Title  Author  Study Guide
 Jan. The Art of Being Unmistakable  Srinivas Rao  n/a
 Feb. * Jonathan Livingston Seagull  Richard Bach  Wikipedia
 Mar. Virus of the Mind  Richard Brodie  n/a
 Apr. * How Will You Measure Your Life?  Clayton Christensen  n/a
 May * The Divine Center  Stephen R. Covey  n/a
 Jun. Precious Jeopardy  Lloyd C. Douglas  n/a
 Jul. * The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success  Deepak Chopra  Share Guide
 Aug. Abundance  Diamandis & Kotler  n/a
 Sep. Lesson from the Mouse  Dennis Snow  n/a
 Oct. Where The Red Fern Grows  Wilson Rawls  SparkNotes
 Nov. * How To Succeed With People  Stephen R. Covey  n/a
 Dec.  Moby-Dick  Herman Melville  SparkNotes
 Mo.  Book Title  Author  Study Guide
 Jan. * The Four Doors  Richard Paul Evans  n/a
 Feb. The Red Badge of Courage  Stephen Crane  SparkNotes
 Mar. The Old Man and the Sea  Ernest Hemingway  SparkNotes
 Apr. Great Expectations  Charles Dickens  SparkNotes
 May I Read It, But I Don’t Get It  Cris Tovani  n/a
 Jun.  Self-Reliance and Other Essays  Ralph Waldo Emerson  Cliffs Notes
 Jul.  Walden  Henry David Thoreau  SparkNotes
 Aug.  Kim  Rudyard Kipling  eNotes
 Sep.  The Pilgrim’s Progress  John Bunyan  SparkNotes
 Oct.  Little Women  Louisa May Alcott  SparkNotes
 Nov.  The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin  Benjamin Franklin  CliffsNotes
 Dec. The Thorn Birds  Colleen McCullough  BookRags
 Mo.  Book Title  Author  Study Guide
 Jan.  Brave New World  Aldous Huxley  SparkNotes
 Feb.  A Brief History of Time  Stephen W. Hawking  enotes
 Mar.  Republic  Plato  CliffsNotes
 Apr. * Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction  Emily Anderson Swan  n/a
 May  The Book Thief  Markus Zusak  n/a
 Jun.  Spiritual Roots of Human Relations  Stephen R. Covey  n/a
 Jul. * Mindset: The New Psychology of Success  Carol S. Dweck  n/a
 Aug.  Visible Learning for Literacy  Fisher, Frey, Hattie  n/a
 Sep.  The Brothers Karamazov  Fyodor Dostoevsky  SparkNotes
 Oct.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  Mark Twain  SparkNotes
 Nov.  One Hundred Years of Solitude  Gabriel Garcia Marquez  SparkNotes
 Dec.  The Great Gatsby  F. Scott Fitzgerald  SparkNotes
 Mo.  Book Title  Author  Study Guide
 Jan.  Don Quixote  Miquel de Cervantes  SparkNotes
 Feb.  Don Quixote (cont.)  n/a  n/a
 Mar.  Don Quixote (cont.)  n/a  n/a
 Apr.  The Art of War  Sun Tzu
 May  The Power of Habit  Charles Duhigg  n/a
 Jun.  A Tale of Two Cities  Charles Dickens  SparkNotes
 Jul.  All I Really Need To Know I Learned…  Robert Fulghum  n/a

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Image – Page and Rich Snippets image: “Child Reading” by Chris_Parfitt is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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